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Selenite | Crescent Moon Charging Plate 10cm

Selenite | Crescent Moon Charging Plate 10cm

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A beautiful addition to any altar.  Use our 10cm moon to charge and cleanse your crystals by placing the crystals on the moon or next to it.  

Add an extra moon and a 10cm round charging plate to create a Triple Moon Goddess Charging Set.

Selenite is the stone for spiritual guidance.  The silver white aura of selenite will calm the mind and emotions.  Selenite helps open parts of the higher self reintegrate the spiritual mind.   It reminds us that we are limitless.  Selenite helps us manifest a clear state of mind and hold it open to embrace spirit and the universe.  It helps us become emotionally calm and fosters self love.

Selenite is a very powerful activator of the higher chakras, most specifically the Soul Star and the Crown Chakras.  It is the best stone for cleaning and clearing the physical and energetic bodies.  

It is also a powerful amplifier of other crystals and everything around it.  It is a handy stone to have to cleanse and charge your other crystals.  

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