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Jewellery Care


With proper care your jewellery pieces should give you many years of enjoyment.  Paying attention to how you store, wear and clean your sterling silver jewellery can help keep your pieces looking brilliant.

Please take the proper time to care for your jewellery and to store it.

Many external factors can destroy the brilliance of a stone and dull the surface of your sterling silver jewellery.  Dust, pollution, cosmetics and perfumes are some things that can do this.  We suggest you put your perfume or oils on prior to putting on your jewellery.

Jewellery with gemstones should always be removed prior to showering or swimming.

Many gemstones are very delicate.  Hot water, harsh chemicals, household cleaning products should be avoided at all times whilst you are wearing your jewellery.  Oils from skin and also humid environments can accelerate tarnish in silver jewellery.

Sterling silver will tarnish over time. It can be cleaned easily.  When cleaning, be careful to avoid contact with any stones, as the polish may cause damage to the stones.

Chlorine is very harmful and can permanently damage or discolour your jewellery, especially Chlorine at high temperatures. Avoid wearing silver jewellery when using household chlorine bleach and swimming in pools and whilst in hot tubs.


Some of our pieces contain raw and natural gemstones.  These stones are often fragile and delicate.  Some pieces require special care.

Keep your jewellery away from chemicals including household cleaning products, chlorine, bleach etc.  Hairspray and hair products, perfumes etc. can damage the precious gemstones.

Avoid wearing your jewellery in water.

It is recommended storing jewellery in a dry, secure place.  If possible a tarnish proof jewellery box could be used.


Proper storage of your jewellery helps to prevent damage and scratching of stones and metal.  An air-tight container or bag should be used for storage. 

Please keep your jewellery away from extreme heat or moisture.  Do not place heavy objects on top of your jewellery during storage.  Be gentle when putting on or removing your jewellery.

It is recommended that you follow the above care tips to keep your jewellery in good condition.



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