REAL Crystals + PREMIUM Quality + EXCEPTIONAL Prices

Who We Are

Crystal Life Australia: High Vibrational and Quality Crystal Jewellery, Crystals and Minerals since 2017


At Crystal Life Australia, formerly Ajna Jewels & Gems, our focus has always been clear: to provide high-quality crystal jewellery, crystals, and minerals at affordable prices. Our journey began with handpicking unique pieces overseas and has evolved into sourcing our own crystals and minerals, ensuring top-notch quality.


We prioritize collaboration with creators who share our values of exceptional quality and ethical production methods. Our commitment to fair labour practices, transparent supply chains, and environmentally responsible production ensures that our customers can trust the products they receive.


Known for our reputation of delivering top-quality products and upholding ethical practices, Crystal Life Australia is a trusted source in the industry. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space for customers to purchase crystals online, backed by our dedication to quality and integrity.




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