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Rutilated  Quartz 6 | Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

Rutilated Quartz 6 | Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

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Often called Angel Hair Quartz because of it's golden lines and light, Golden Rutile Quartz has captured the attention of many. The romance in the stone, that it could possibly hold the hair of an Angel only deepens the connection yes? Well, not to rain on any parades but the golden lines present in Rutile Quartz are more often than not, grass that has been captured in the creation of the stone. 

The quartz family are a powerful mix of amplification and absorption, adding characters and metaphysical properties by way of the golden rutile lines present - add in some Christ Consciousness, access to the Christ Light grid around the planet and you have an empowerment process in action!

Many healers/readers will have a piece of this quartz in their collection, some wear it, because of the presence of the Golden Ray within it. The Golden Ray of light allows expansion of consciousness, recollection of inter-dimensional travel, astral travel and recall, healing expansion and its very good for developing Clairaudience and Clairsentience. 

Size:  30mm x 15mm

Material:  925 Sterling Silver

Price is for Pendant only.  Chain is not included

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