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Crystal Kit | Travel + Adventure

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Travel + Adventure Crystal Kit - New Horizons + Confidence

Our Travel + Adventure Crystal Kit has been carefully curated to accompany you on your exciting journeys and inspire a sense of adventure. This collection of crystals combines the vibrations of Yellow Jasper, Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, Malachite and Green Aventurine and are the perfect travel companions to give you confidence as you explore new horizons on your travel adventures.

Included Crystals:

Yellow Jasper: Yellow Jasper is a stone of protection and courage. It promotes a positive outlook, boosts confidence, and supports your adventurous spirit. Yellow Jasper helps you navigate new environments with ease and embrace travel experiences with a sense of joy and optimism.

Tiger Eye: Tiger Eye is a stone of strength and grounding. It enhances confidence, courage, and practicality, making it an ideal companion for travel. Tiger Eye supports you in making wise decisions, staying focused, and remaining grounded throughout your journeys.

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective stone. It shields against negative energies, electromagnetic smog, and psychic attacks, making it an essential crystal for your travel adventures. Black Tourmaline creates a shield of energetic protection, allowing you to explore with peace of mind.

Malachite: Malachite is a stone of transformation and adventure. It encourages risk-taking, embracing change, and exploring new possibilities. Malachite also provides emotional balance, grounding energy, and amplifies your intuition, making it an excellent crystal to accompany you on your travels.

Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and luck. It attracts abundance, prosperity, and good fortune, making it an ideal crystal for travel adventures. Green Aventurine also promotes a sense of optimism, adaptability, and a joyful mindset as you explore new destinations.

How to Use:
Carry these crystals in a bag or pocket during your travels to benefit from their energies.  Meditate with them before embarking on your adventures, envisioning positive experiences and setting intentions for a safe journey.  Allow the energies of these crystals to instill confidence, provide protection and attract exciting opportunities during your travelling adventures.

Each kit includes a detailed information card outlining the properties and uses of each crystal. Please note that as natural stones, variations in color, shape, and size may occur, making each kit unique.

Be confident as you expand your horizons with our Travel + Adventure Crystal Kit.  The vibrations of these crystals will accompany you on your journeys, providing confidence, protection and a sense of wonder.

Each kit contains 5 tumbled stones, printed card containing the properties of each stone and come in a coloured organza bag. Each stone is approximately. 15-25mm in size.

All sizes are approx sizes. Due to stones being natural they do vary in size, color and shape.

Important: Any selenite charging plate depicted is sold separately and not included with this kit.

Please note: photos are stock and reference photos and not the exact item you will be receiving.

SUGGESTION: Add a Selenite charge plate/bowl to help keep your crystal kit cleansed, charged and ready for use.

Due to Kits being pre-made the stones in the kit are what is received and we cannot change the stones that are in the kits.

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