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Crystal Kit | Crystal Clear

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Crystal Clear -  Crystal Kit - Clarity


Our Crystal Clear Crystal Kit has been carefully curated to bring clarity when everything feels murky.  This collection of crystals combines the vibrations of Smokey Quartz , Hematite , Fluorite, Sodalite  and Clear Quartz  giving you a powerful toolkit to clear away the cloudy, fuzzy headedness and gain clarity in all your endeavours.

Included Crystals:

Smokey Quartz: Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful clearing  crystals, its like a smudge stick for the mind.   Creating a strong grounding cord it strengthens and balances the flow of energy throughout the body/mind.

Fluorite: Fluorite is a crystal known for its ability to balance the brain enhancing mental clarity and focus. Bringing the heart and the mind together clears the  fuzziness and replaces it with clarity.  

Hematite: Hematite  is a stone of balance  and grounding so just like Smokey Quartz it clears the murkiness and allows you to think crystal clear.

Sodalite : Sodalite  is a crystal of clarity and focus.  Assisting you in being right here right now in the present moment without distraction. Awakening the mind to it's highest capacity. POW!!

Clear Quartz : Clear Quartz what more is there to say about this stone of CLARITY! Clears the confusion, fuzzy head and allows clarity on all levels to descend upon you. Oh and the bonus is this stunning crystal will amplify any crystals it is placed with.  So this crystal kit is bound to have you so clear on what you want to know.

How to Use:
Place these crystals in your workspace, hold them during brainstorming sessions, or meditate with them to activate your creative energies.  Allow the unique vibrations of each crystal to inspire new ideas, enhance focus, and bring out your artistic potential.  Let their vibrations flow and guide you on your transformative creative journey.

Each kit includes a detailed information card outlining the properties and uses of each crystal. Please note that as natural stones, variations in color, shape, and size may occur, making each kit unique.

Set your intention and invite Clarity into your life with our Crystal Clear Crystal Kit.  Align with the vibrations of these crystals and get clear and focus on what you wantin your life.

Each kit contains 5 tumbled stones, printed card containing the properties of each stone and come in a coloured organza bag. Each stone is approximately. 15-25mm in size.

All sizes are approx sizes. Due to stones being natural they do vary in size, color and shape.

Important: Any selenite charging plate depicted is sold separately and not included with this kit.

Please note: photos are stock and reference photos and not the exact item you will be receiving.

SUGGESTION: Add a Selenite charge plate/bowl to help keep your crystal kit cleansed, charged and ready for use.

Due to Kits being pre-made the stones in the kit are what is received and we cannot change the stones that are in the kits.


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