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Crystal Kit | Sacred Space

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Sacred Space Crystal Kit - Spiritual Haven + Protection

Our Sacred Space Crystal Kit has been carefully curated to help you create a sanctuary where you can go to foster a deep sense of peace, harmony and spiritual connection. This collection of crystals combines the vibrations of White Howlite, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Angelite and Moss Agate to help elevate your spiritual practice and create your own sacred haven.

Included Crystals:

White Howlite: White Howlite is a stone of calmness and tranquility. It helps to quiet the mind, release stress, and create a serene atmosphere. White Howlite brings a sense of peace and stillness to your sacred space.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a crystal renowned for its spiritual properties. It enhances intuition, promotes spiritual growth, and facilitates deep meditation. Amethyst also provides protection and purifies the energy of your sacred space.

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding and protective stone. It wards off negative energy, electromagnetic smog, and creates a shield of protection. Black Tourmaline brings a sense of security and safety to your sacred space.

Angelite: Angelite is a stone of angelic communication and connection with higher realms. It brings a gentle, soothing energy to your sacred space, fostering peace, serenity, and spiritual alignment. Angelite enhances your connection to divine guidance.

Moss Agate: When placed in a sacred space, moss agate can provide grounding, connection with nature and emotional healing.  Moss agate promotes a calming influence making it the perfect crystal for introspection and emotional well-being.  It's associations with abundance, creativity and spiritual connection can enhance your sanctuary's atmosphere of growth, balance and inspiration.

How to Use:
Place these crystals in your sacred space, meditation altar or an area where you can use to seek a deeper spiritual connection.  Hold them during meditation to enhance your focus and connection.  Create crystal grids or place them strategically to amplify the energy and intention of your sacred space.

Each kit includes a detailed information card outlining the properties and uses of each crystal. Please note that as natural stones, variations in color, shape, and size may occur, making each kit unique.

Enhance your spiritual practice and transform your space into a sanctuary with our Sacred Space Crystal Kit.  Allow the harmonising energies of these crystals to create an environment  that nurtures you and allows a deeper spiritual connection.  Invite peace and tranquility into your life within your Sacred Space.

Each kit contains 5 tumbled stones, printed card containing the properties of each stone and come in a coloured organza bag. Each stone is approximately. 15-25mm in size.

All sizes are approx sizes. Due to stones being natural they do vary in size, color and shape.

Important: Any selenite charging plate depicted is sold separately and not included with this kit.

Please note: photos are stock and reference photos and not the exact item you will be receiving.

SUGGESTION: Add a Selenite charge plate/bowl to help keep your crystal kit cleansed, charged and ready for use.

Due to Kits being pre-made the stones in the kit are what is received and we cannot change the stones that are in the kits.

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