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Carnelian | Heart

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Carnelian Heart

Size Approx. 6cm wide x 5cm long x 2cm thick

You purhcase the EXACT heart in this photo.

Country of Origin: Madagascar


Carnelian is often considered the stone of passion and vitality.  It can encourage a zest for life and can help reignite enthusiasm for pursuits that may have lost their lustre.  It is associated with the Sacral Chakra, which governs emotions and relationships.  It is known to promote emotional balance, enhance self-esteem and foster a sense of inner peace.  It is thought to facilitate the free flow of energy throughout the body, promoting physical vitality and overall well-being.

Metaphysically Carnelian is believed to have a grounding effect, helping individuals stay connected to the present moment and focus on the here and now.

It is a stone to boost creativity and stimulate the flow of creative energy, making it a great stone for artists, writers and anyone seeking inspiration in their endeavours.

Carnelian is thought to boost motivation and courage, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and take on new challenges with confidence and determination.

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