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Blue Apatite Orb

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Unique and artisian. Hand cut and polished.

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Size Approx .  25-30mm

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is associated with both the third eye and throat chakras and can assist with spiritual awareness and intuitive insight.  It is believed to help individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and connection with higher realms. 

It's association with the throat chakra allows improved communication skills, both in expressing oneself and listening to others.  It is thought to encourage honest and authentic conversations, aiding the alignment of thoughts, words and intentions.

Its calming effect is helpful in balancing emotions, releasing negativity and enhance feelings of positivity.  It is also known to promote a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Blue Apatite is linked with promoting creative thinking and enhancing one's ability to manifest intentions and desires.  It is thought to boost motivation, encouraging individuals to take action towards their goals.

It is believed that Blue Apatite may assist in past-life regression and exploration.  It is thought to help individuals uncover hidden memories and experiences, promoting spiritual growth and understanding.  It is also considered a bridge to the spiritual realm, and is a great aid to meditation and connection with spiritual guides. 

Blue Apatite is associated with the throat chakra which governs communication and self-expression.  It is believed to activate and align the throat chakra, enabling individuals to communicate their thoughts, emotions, truths with clarity and confidence.  This alignment may also support personal growth and self-discovery.


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