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Black Moonstone Orb

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Unique and artisian. Hand cut and polished.

Price is for one orb

The photo is a representation of current stock 1 Orb will be intuitively selected for you of similar size and quality.  Each piece is unique so there will be some variations.

Size Approx .  25-30mm

Black Moonstone

Black moonstone is believed to stimulate intuitive abilities, providing a deeper connection to one's inner self and spirit.  The energy of Black Moonstone is thought to facilitate a clearer understanding of subconscious thoughts and emotions.

This beautiful stone is associated with emotional healing and balance.  It is believed to help with soothing emotional distress and promoting a sense of calmness.  The energy of black moonstone encourages self-acceptance and inner peace.

Black Moonstone is often considered a protective talisman, shielding against negative energies and promoting a safe and grounding environment.  It is also seen as a stone of new beginnings and transformation.  Its energy is thought to assist in shedding old patterns and habits, allowing the way for personal growth and positive change.

Black Moonstone is also associated with dreamwork.  With its connection to the moon's cycles, it it believed to amplify dream experiences and the better recall of dream content upon waking.

It is a stone for Empaths as they may find solace in Black Moonstone's energy, as it is thought to offer protection from absorbing energies of others.  It is believed to create a boundary between the empath and external emotional influences, allowing for a healthier emotional state of being.

The energy of black moonstone is associated with higher consciousness and spiritual growth.  It is a great ally for meditation and the exploration of the inner self as well as a channel for divine guidance.

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