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Zebra Jasper Pyrmaid, 30mm Ajna Jewels & Gems, Australia

Zebra Jasper Pyramid 30mm

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Zebra Jasper Pyramid 30mm.

Just like the yin-yang symbol, the zebra jasper meaning is to help you see the good in a “bad” situation, and recognize the “bad” within the good.  This helps you to realize the truth of any situation. It’s opposite dynamic helps you find an equilibrium within your life. It helps us see the true nature of an experience instead of an illusion our mind creates.

This zebra jasper combines quartz and basalt. Basalt is an igneous volcanic rock that provides you with strength during difficult times. It is stabilizing and often found useful for situations that require you to “bounce back.” It releases negativity that you may have built up. The zebra jasper meaning is to provide you with a stable base as you connect to your wisdom to move through any situation.