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Vesuvianite Tumbles | Ajna Jewels & Gems | Crystal Shop | Brisbane | Australia

Vesuvianite Tumbles

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Vesuvianite has a strong vibration that will assist you to follow your hearts desire. It was named for deposits found at the volcano on Mt Vesuvius but is also called Idocrase.

It has strong metaphysical properties, that help you to embrace the desires of the higher self and the true yearnings of the heart.

It is known to be helpful to boost your creativity. This interesting stone also has an energy that enhances problem solving, as it bolsters analytical abilities.

The energy of this stone helps you to be aware that life changes, and that it is necessary for all of us to adapt to the changes that occur.

It is good to use if you feel fearful, depressed, anxious or stressed, and keeping a piece on you will help relieve stress.

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