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Shattuckite 2 | 925 Sterling Silver Pendant | Ajna Jewels & Gems | Crystal Shop | Brisbane | Australia

Shattuckite 2 | 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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Shattuckite is the stone of truth and is for those who "stand in their truth".  It supports the sharing of truth with others through both actions and words.  It is helpful in healing those who have been hurt through judgement.  It is excellent for those wanting to open their psychic channel as it facilitates the connection with spiritual guides. Shattuckite is an excellent crystal for teachers, public speakers, and others who use verbal communication as their work.  Shattuckite teaches self-responsibility as the first path to spiritual awareness and is the stone of connection to inner realms.


Size:  25mm x 20mm

Material:  925 Sterling Silver

Price is for Pendant only.