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Psychic Reading Cards | Debbie Malone

Psychic Reading Cards | Debbie Malone

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The world is full of signs and symbols from the spirit realm, waiting for you to interpret their clues, and as you begin to work with the Psychic Reading Cards you will uncover the hidden language of intuition and reclaim your connection to the universe and all the spiritual wisdom contained within it. Discover the messages of angels, spirit guides, colours, symbols and spiritual realms through 36 cards of higher wisdom and divine guidance. Navigate your life's path, remove limiting obstacles, divine your true love, develop your clairvoyance and heighten your healing senses: the power is in your hands.

About the Author

Debbie Malone is an acclaimed spirit medium who has assisted in missing-persons and murder investigations continually for the last sixteen years. Her extraordinary gifts - she is a psychic and clairvoyant as well as a medium - enable her to receive visions from both the living and the dead, from the past, present and future and to convey messages to bereaved families from their departed loved ones.