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Selenite | Oversized Pendulum

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Selenite is the stone for spiritual guidance.  The silver white aura of selenite will calm the mind and emotions.  Selenite helps open parts of the higher self reintegrate the spiritual mind.   It reminds us that we are limitless.  Selenite helps us manifest a clear state of mind and hold it open to embrace spirit and the universe.  It helps us become emotionally calm and fosters self love.

Selenite is a very powerful activator of the higher chakras, most specifically the Soul Star and the Crown Chakras.  It is the best stone for cleaning and clearing the physical and energetic bodies.  

It is also a powerful amplifier of other crystals and everything around it.  It is a handy stone to have to cleanse and charge your other crystals.  

A Pendulum can be used as tools for divination and asking questions to receive inner guidance and understanding.  A crystal pendulum is a crystal which has a metal chain attached at the end.   When asked a question, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circle. 

How to Use a Pendulum

  • Choosing a Pendulum: It is easy to choose your pendulum.  It is the one that jumps out at you because it catches your eye.
  • Connect with your Pendulum: Cleansing the pendulum can be done by holding it under running cold tap water, soaking it in sea salt, or setting a mental intention to free it of possible picked up energies. After cleansing the pendulum, carry it around with you to see how it feels.
  • How a pendulum works:  Your pendulum will work in a unique way with you.  It will either swing in a straight line or in a circular movement.  The circles can be either clock-wise or anti clock-wise.  Your pendulum can also bob up and down.  This can be interpreted in the affirmative.  
  • How do I know what my Pendulum is trying to tell me?:  First off you need to know what each directional swing means.  Before asking your question, ask the pendulum to assign it's unique response.  Start off by asking the pendulum to show you what a YES response looks like.  And then ask your pendulum what a NO response looks like.  Once you have ascertained how your pendulum is going to work for you, you can set an intention to receive truthful answers and begin with a couple of test questions.  i.e.  Is it raining outside?   You can then begin to ask questions of your pendulum.