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Mixed Tourmaline Natural Bulk Pack

Mixed Tourmaline Natural Bulk Pack

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Mixed Tourmaline including Green, Black and Pink with the odd hint of blue here and there.

Pink - the gift of love, charity and compassion. Need to open your heart to love? Pink Tourmaline will help in the gentlest way.

Green - powerful connection stone for Source Light, assists in anchoring it into the body via the nervous system. Potent stone for healing father issues.

Black - Pure protection.  Teaches us to discern where our energy goes and returns from, who we share it with and how we absorb energy too. Solid and does not fall apart like the schorl.

This beautiful stone is the most powerful form of protection available in the mineral kingdom.  It shields from heavy, dense or negative energies.  It brings a vast amount of light and also self confidence and trust in your light energy.  It is the only mineral available which can protect us from our own outputs.  This makes it very useful for countering negative or fear based outputs.

Black tourmaline facilitates focus and self trust, cuts attachments and activates a powerful sense of security and personal power.  It can activate the base chakra and help lift Kundalini energy.

We have picked the highest grade crystals and intuitively select the perfect ones for you when you order with us.

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