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Apache Tears, Ajna Crystals Australia

Apache Tears

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Size Approx. 20mm  - 30mm

Apache Tears are a type of Black Obsidian, but they have a more friendly vibration than some of the other types of Obsidian. They are not altered but are natural crystals.

They are strong stones for grounding and protection, and to aid you to clear negative emotions that may be holding you back.

They are volcanic stones, that may be partly transparent. Their color is very dark brown to black in color.  These dark strange looking stones occur naturally in these odd shapes.

Like other types of Black Obsidian they will absorb negative energy. This makes Apache Tears powerful tools to cleanse your auric field of negativity.

Their historical meaning is interesting, as these stones are powerful to heal you, if you are feeling grief and emotional distress.

They are also strong stones for spiritual grounding, so use them after you have been working with high vibration crystals.

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