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Angel Aura Amethyst - Polished Top with Cut Base, Ajna Crystals and Jewellery, Australia

Angel Aura Amethyst - Polished Top with Cut Base 3

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Angel Aura Amethyst magnifies the Amethyst to become the ultimate stone of peace and divine clearing. The aura treatment offers additional stability, tenacity, strength, balance, and both emotional and physical sobriety. This peaceful gem opens and empowers the Third Eye Chakra, developing intuition. It enhances psychic abilities and releases energy blockages within the aura and chakras. Its stunning coloring infuses your aura with the entire rainbow spectrum of light, working to heal and strengthen. It also aides in opening the Crown Chakra, deepening your connection to Source and your guides.

Weight  132 grams

Height   5.5cm 

Width    4cm