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Introducing our Speciality Range of Crystals.  We know that as more and more of you become serious about the healing energy of crystals, you begin to understand that the quality of the crystals matters.  Higher grade crystals give a more vibrant vibration.   


What also is rampant in the marketplace today is false grading of crystals.  Many “A” grade crystals being sold are really the best 5% of what was in a “C” grade shipment.   So you are under the assumption you are buying a better quality crystal BUT you are simply paying more money for a nicer “C” grade piece.   We want to shine a light and be transparent as the worlds best quality clear quartz in our dealings with our customers.


The pieces we are going to offer you in our Specialty Range are personally hand selected from some of the most incredible and established world suppliers.  We are privileged and honoured to have such connections and to be able to bring you such fine, one of a kind pieces for your healing journey.

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