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Please put every item as a single item in the cart.  EG. If you want two 10cm charging plates put them in individually as two separate items.  If you put two together as 1 line item, they appear to be counted as 1 item only.  

Our special Buy 2 get 1 free selenite offer is your chance to mix and match your favourite selenite pieces and receive the lowest priced item for free.

You can choose any combination of three pieces, crescent moons, bowls, charging plates, wands, spheres from all of the styles  included in our special offer.   Add these three pieces to your cart and on checkout, the one with the lowest price will automatically have no charge.

For example, I have added a 10cm selenite crescent moon, a 10cm bowl and 8cm sphere into my cart.  The moon is the lowest priced item and I will not be charged for that item.

Go ahead and stock up on this wonder of the crystal world.  Selenite will cleanse and charge your other crystals nearby and if that wasn’t enough, it will also amplify their energies. 

Selenite never needs cleansing.  What?????  That’s right.  Selenite will transmute negative energy but will not absorb it. 

Selenite is a shop favourite, which is why we have created this special offer for you.  Every house needs the wonderful vibes of selenite.


  • This offer is available on selected selenite pieces only and cannot be used inconjunction with any other offer.
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